1. Pray to God

From the recording Toy Theatre

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I pray to God almost every day, but he don’t seem to hear a word I say
So I think I’m gonna give it up today, yeah
I crawl across the dark and dirty floor, my fingers bleed and my knees are sore
And I don’t think that I’m gonna do it anymore
Oh no I’ve given all I’ve got and I got no more
Don’t wanna talk, don’t wanna look, don’t wanna listen anymore
Don’t wanna speak, don’t wanna see, don’t wanna feel anymore
If God is on my side then why am I now losing, yeah, my religion, oh
It’s a sin if I don’t do as I’m told, but the sinners always win a whole lot more
And I’m sick and tired of the I confess and everyday get on my knees and do my best
The priest he preaches, he tries to teach, his words don’t reach me