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"They sound like the wind.”- Brian Eno, Producer, Artist, Composer (David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2, Roxy Music)

"[Screaming Orphans] make a joyous sound mostly centered around their powerful vocal harmonies."  - Ian Croft, RnR Magazine

“[Sunshine And Moss] is absolutely beautiful.” -  Janice Long, BBC Radio Wales

"Angela, Joan, Marie Thérèse and Gráinne possess both a heavyweight pedigree and a refreshingly honest approach... The sisters' musical prowess is clearly displayed throughout this set [Sunshine And Moss]." - The Alternate Root

"Life in a Carnival is a collection of good pop songs with great melodies, enhanced by John Reynold's production whose irrepressible arrangements make for a very big sound."  - Ian Croft, RnR Magazine

“… this album [Life in a Carnival]... is absolutely stunning.” - Marty Whelan, RTÉ lyric fm

“Wow. Energy. That was brilliant..."  - Declan Meehan, Morning Show East Coast

"From an obvious passion for Irish traditional and Céilí music, through to girl-pop such... and classic folk-rock... They pull these disparate elements together to create melody driven songs with an infectious vocal hook." -

"Sinéad O'Connor has already fallen in love with Screaming Orphans' unique brand of Celtic pop - what are you waiting for?" - Irish Central

“I love your sound. It’s fantastic.” - Marty Morrissey, CountryWide RTÉ Radio

"Ordinary Woman is a real power song and inspiring and encouraging to all women in its lyrics." - Grainne McCool, Irish Music Magazine

“... a mainstay at Celtic events across the Globe.” - Cape Coral Daily Breeze

“…who have achieved major success on both sides of the Atlantic...” - The Sunday Business Post 

"The sisters revisit their roots with stunning results."  
- Americana UK

"Utterly listenable and decidedly different..." 
- FolkWords

"If you’re looking for a textbook example of how a fusion style should be handled, look no further than the Screaming Orphans." 
- Folk N' Rock

"The sisters all master their varied instruments and vocals with such passion, precision and excellence. No wonder, collectively, they go down a storm wherever they play live." - Americana UK

"The resulting album [Sunshine And Moss] has a gorgeous sense of family about it with all four of the Diver sisters providing the playing and vocals – some of the harmonies are breathtaking. Simply lovely." - Music News

“... the multi-talented Diver sisters…take us on a journey of musical emotions (don’t worry you’ll be smiling the whole time) and ignite a sunshiney mood.” - Philadelphia RH Magazine

“Absolutely wonderful… and I love the whole idea of the Trad thing behind it… just a treat. The album is great.” - Charlie McGettigan, Saturday Connection Shannonside

Happy Together…. It’s completely mad!” - Marty Whelan, RTÉ lyric fm

‘I’ve been waiting for this all morning. Let’s get these feel good endorphins spreading around...” - Will Faulkner, Midlands 103 Radio

“…making a big name for themselves as the Screaming Orphans.” - Sunday Independent 

"These Donegal girls are Celtic rock super stars..." - Transceltic

"Life in a Carnival takes you on an emotional journey with its music and lyrics. But at all times it will have you smiling and singing along." - Grainne McCool, Irish Music Magazine 

“Fantastic stuff…” - John Breslin,  Highland Radio 

“I was blown away by your harmonies. The sibling harmony was something else.” - Lynette Fay, BBC Radio Ulster

 "[Screaming Orphans] are known worldwide for their mix of pop and traditional music." -

“I love that! I defy you to be in a bad form listening to that.” - Will Faulkner, Midlands 103 Radio

"This flawless performance advances from being delicately tragic to defiantly strident, showcasing the fabulous range of emotion and musicality from the sisters." - Americana UK

"A highly accomplished collection of often inspired arrangements, Sunshine And Moss should firmly consolidate their rising position among the new breed of tradition-based but contemporary inclined Irish folk acts." - Folking

"Delightful, captivating and formidable..." - THAT MAG

"ABBA on steroids..." - An audience member

“While they're known for their Celtic music on one hand, the girls have a real pop/indie side and they fizz with energy and vitality on stage.” - Sunday Independent

".... this is clearly a band that thrives on gigging - and the four female voices create a stunning wall of sound." - Ian Croft, RnR Magazine

“…they finessed their unique blend of modern and traditional sounds.” - Hot Press

“If you’re looking for something different, light and fresh, and full of musical thrills, meet the Screaming Orphans.” - Philadelphia RH Magazine

“Blend of the Irish and the pop…. really cool.” - Chris Wienk, WEXT 

“With songs like Ordinary Woman, it’s clear that they’ve really grown into their sound.” - The Daily Gazette  

“…I guarantee you’ll be exhilarated.” - Folking

“… have been crowd favorites for years.” - The Collaborative