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Meet Screaming Orphans

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"[Screaming Orphans] make a joyous sound mostly centered around their powerful vocal harmonies." 
- Ian Croft, RnR Magazine

“[Sunshine And Moss] is absolutely beautiful.”
-  Janice Long, BBC Radio Wales

"Angela, Joan, Marie Thérèse and Gráinne possess both a heavyweight pedigree and a refreshingly honest approach... The sisters' musical prowess is clearly displayed throughout this set [Sunshine And Moss]." 
- The Alternate Root

"Life in a Carnival is a collection of good pop songs with great melodies, enhanced by John Reynold's production whose irrepressible arrangements make for a very big sound."  
- Ian Croft, RnR Magazine

“… this album [Life in a Carnival]... is absolutely stunning.” 
- Marty Whelan, RTÉ lyric fm

“Wow. Energy. That was brilliant..."  
- Declan Meehan, Morning Show East Coast

"From an obvious passion for Irish traditional and Céilí music, through to girl-pop such... and classic folk-rock... They pull these disparate elements together to create melody driven songs with an infectious vocal hook." 

"Sinéad O'Connor has already fallen in love with Screaming Orphans' unique brand of Celtic pop - what are you waiting for?" 
- Irish Central

“I love your sound. It’s fantastic.”  
- Marty Morrissey, CountryWide RTÉ Radio

"Ordinary Woman is a real power song and inspiring and encouraging to all women in its lyrics." 
- Grainne McCool, Irish Music Magazine

“... a mainstay at Celtic events across the Globe.” 
- Cape Coral Daily Breeze

“…who have achieved major success on both sides of the Atlantic...” 
- The Sunday Business Post 

“…I guarantee you’ll be exhilarated.” 
- Folking

“… have been crowd favorites for years.”  
- The Collaborative

"The sisters revisit their roots with stunning results."  
- Americana UK

"Utterly listenable and decidedly different..." 
- FolkWords

"If you’re looking for a textbook example of how a fusion style should be handled, look no further than the Screaming Orphans." 
- Folk N' Rock

"The sisters all master their varied instruments and vocals with such passion, precision and excellence. No wonder, collectively, they go down a storm wherever they play live."
- Americana UK

"The resulting album [Sunshine And Moss] has a gorgeous sense of family about it with all four of the Diver sisters providing the playing and vocals – some of the harmonies are breathtaking. Simply lovely." 
- Music News

“... the multi-talented Diver sisters…take us on a journey of musical emotions (don’t worry you’ll be smiling the whole time) and ignite a sunshiney mood.” 
- Philadelphia RH Magazine

“Absolutely wonderful… and I love the whole idea of the Trad thing behind it… just a treat. The album is great.” 
- Charlie McGettigan, Saturday Connection Shannonside

Happy Together…. It’s completely mad!” 
- Marty Whelan, RTÉ lyric fm

‘I’ve been waiting for this all morning. Let’s get these feel good endorphins spreading around...” 
- Will Faulkner, Midlands 103 Radio

“…making a big name for themselves as the Screaming Orphans.” 
- Sunday Independent 

"These Donegal girls are Celtic rock super stars..." 
- Transceltic

"Life in a Carnival takes you on an emotional journey with its music and lyrics. But at all times it will have you smiling and singing along." 
- Grainne McCool, Irish Music Magazine 

“Fantastic stuff…”   
 - John Breslin,  Highland Radio

“I was blown away by your harmonies. The sibling harmony was something else.”
- Lynette Fay, BBC Radio Ulster

 "[Screaming Orphans] are known worldwide for their mix of pop and traditional music." 

“I love that! I defy you to be in a bad form listening to that.”  
- Will Faulkner, Midlands 103 Radio

"This flawless performance advances from being delicately tragic to defiantly strident, showcasing the fabulous range of emotion and musicality from the sisters."
- Americana UK

"A highly accomplished collection of often inspired arrangements, Sunshine And Moss should firmly consolidate their rising position among the new breed of tradition-based but contemporary inclined Irish folk acts."
- Folking

"Delightful, captivating and formidable..." 

"ABBA on steroids..." 
- An audience member

“While they're known for their Celtic music on one hand, the girls have a real pop/indie side and they fizz with energy and vitality on stage.” 
- Sunday Independent

".... this is clearly a band that thrives on gigging - and the four female voices create a stunning wall of sound." 
- Ian Croft, RnR Magazine

“…they finessed their unique blend of modern and traditional sounds.” 
- Hot Press

“If you’re looking for something different, light and fresh, and full of musical thrills, meet the Screaming Orphans. ” 
- Philadelphia RH Magazine

“Blend of the Irish and the pop…. really cool.”  
- Chris Wienk, WEXT 

“With songs like Ordinary Woman, it’s clear that they’ve really grown into their sound.” 
- The Daily Gazette