From the recording Taproom

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Come all you gallant heroes
Wherever you have been
Offspring of this nation
So few and far between
You who did the fighting
When our backs were to the wall
In her hour of need you’d stand and bleed
And rally to her call.

In this troubled time upon us
We are once more in your quest,
Evil has surrounded us
And eaten us with debt
The government like a bag of snakes
Has poisoned us with greed
And sold us off to the IMF
For the monster needs a feed.

Now these bankers and politicians
Don’t worry like you and me
The fat cats on their pensions
Live lives so full and free
They’ve sold their souls for gas and gold
They’re coming for you next
Rise up, rise up shake off those chains
And the noose around your neck.

Our patriots who went before
Must be turning in their graves
The vision that they lived for
Is such a better place
James Connolly rise up your soul
And save us from this hell
And please ask the brave sons of ‘16
To come back and fight as well.