From the recording Ballads Rule OK

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I’ve a nice slated house and a cow or two at grass
I’ve a fenced garden running by the door
I’ve a shelter for the hens and a stable for the ass
Now what can a girl want more
But I don’t know, maybe so
And a spinster she’s easy and she’s free
Well I’ve lots to look after and I’m livin’ all alone
And there’s no one lookin’ after me
Me father often tells me I should go and have a try
To get a man that owns a bit of land
And I know the way he says it sure there’s someone in his eye
And me mother has the whole thing planned
But I don’t know, maybe so
And t’would mollify them greatly to agree
But it’s handsome Johnny Flynn, and it’s him I want to win
Though he never throws an eye at me
Now there’s a little man who is worth his weight in gold
And that’s a decent dowry don’t you see
And I mean to go and ask him just as soon as I get bold
If he’ll come and have an eye to me
But I don’t know will I go
For I’d love to be sittin’ on his knee
And I’d sing like a thrush on a hawthorn bush
When he comes and makes an eye at me