From the recording Dance With Me e.p.

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Never miss the sun until it snows,
Never miss a good thing ‘til it goes
How about from now on let me know
Give me one more change to tell you so
Look at my heart grow,
I think I should let you know
Maybe we could try a second go
Open your heart to me I am coming home,
And now everything’s clear to me, and I am sorry
That it’s taken so long for me but now I’m on my way
I’m coming home to let you know love
Oh the night is dark and oh so long
All the big big crowds move me along,
I hope that someday you’ll say to me,
It’s not too late for us to be.
Look at me I grow,
And everyday I want you so,
I need you to try a second go
Don’t stop me now (x2)
Oh oh oh