From the recording Lonely Boy

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All that I see, is panic everywhere
It’s down on the street ,
Written on the faces of the people that I meet
With shoulders bent down in defeat
I keep my head down, keep my eyes down
And don’t ever look around
I feel I’m drowning because I can’t figure it out
I think I must, be loosing my mind yeh

‘Cause nothing ever’s gonna change
It all stays the same, nobody even seems to care
Coming going fever’s growing
It’s such a shame
‘Cause today it’s the strong who survive oh yeh yeh
Today it’s the strong who survive.

Behind the stars, shining silver
There are so many scars
But all I see is just how powerful we think we are
Driving around in our very big cars
So get out of my way it’s time for payday today
You sit there laughing in you designer suits
Go hide your slimey boots
‘Cause I can figure it out
I think I must be losing my mind yeh


Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Look at us now there’s panic everywhere
And I don’t wanna go outside or go anywhere yeh


La la la la la (to end)