1. Beautiful Girl

From the recording Lonely Boy

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You are, you are the most beautiful girl in the world
Don’t cry no more don’t hide behind your door
And some days are so hard
And I know it’s not so easy
Especially when they tease you

Hold your head up high
‘Cause you are not alone
Don’t run and hide
You’re not on your own
I know you’re tired
Words will never bring you down
I know
It hurts you for a little while
And then it goes

I see your shame
But you’re not the one to blame
Calling you names
You’re never part of the fun and games
You’re cold and you are frozen
And today you just feel broken
But don’t you ever give up


...and you can smile, yeah you can smile, come on and smile
Oh you can smile, ooh ooh.... come on and smile (to end)