From the recording Toy Theatre

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Chorus (x2)
Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter
Step it out, Mary, if you can
Step it out, Mary, my fine daughter
Show your legs to the countryman

In the village of Kilgory, there’s a maiden young and fair
Her eyes shine like diamonds, she has long and golden hair
The horseman he comes riding, riding up to her father’s gates
On a pure-white stallion, he comes at the strike of eight

I have come to court your daughter, Mary of the golden hair
I’ve gold and I have silver, I have goods beyond compare
I’ll buy her silks and satin and a gold ring for her hand
She shall have a mansion, she’ll have servants to command

I don’t want your gold and silver, I don’t want your house and land
I’m going with a soldier, I have promised him my hand
But the father spoke up sharply: You will do as I command,
You’ll get married on a Sunday and you’ll wear that wedding band


In the village of Kilgory there’s a deep stream flowing by
On her wedding day at midnight she drowns with her soldier boy
In the cottage there is music, you can hear her father say:
Step it out (x5), Mary

Chorus (x3)