1. Take Me Away

From the recording Toy Theatre

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I’ve had enough of these streets, they’re killing me
Dark dirty and mean, and I need to find relief
Where are the blue skies, I don’t know
Tell me where is the good life
It seems to be so far from me
Take me away, I’ve had enough, I cannot breathe
Take me away from here
Take me away, I give up, I wanna leave
‘Cause I wanna hide away today

I told you how I used to be, and you know that you made a fool of me
And you used my history and you know that it meant so much to me
Why did you do that, I don’t know
Tell me why did you say those things when you knew the truth all along

Some day, some way, I will be ok
Until then, I am lorn
Don’t wanna get out at all of my bed today