1. Home to Mayo

From the recording Sliabh Liag

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In Belmullet Town where I first saw the light,
where the waves of the sea roar by day and by night
I’ve travelled long miles on land and on sea
But a journey I’ll make and soon that will be

Home to Mayo, Home to Mayo
Someone is waiting for me , I know
In the firelight her smile will be bright
And my hearts in a cottage in Co. Mayo.

I would love to go back to old Ireland once more
To roam ‘round the scenes as in days of yore
Then surely next summer, please God I will go
Back to my home in the Co. Mayo


I’ve see famous cities and bright dazzling skies
And the girls I saw there were a sight for the eyes
But I’d leave them all and never more roam
For her eyes like the stars are calling me home


With a God save you kindly as old friends stop by
And lovely Croagh Patrick so big in the sky
Sure that’s where my heart is longing to go
To my dear little home in the Co. Mayo