From the recording Lonely Boy

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It’s 6 o’clock oh no no, time to get up and go go,
I was lost in a dream
now I cannot seem to get my head clear for today
Everyday the same thing in every way
I keep saying that I’m gonna change
Yeah I will do better

I’ll scream a little louder until you hear me
I’ll push a little harder so make room for me
Don’t hold me back, don’t argue don’t patronise me
‘Cause no one and nobody fights for me
‘Cause no one and nobody cares for me

Listen to the rain failing down
Day after day the same sound
Yeah, so I creep along just singing my songs
And doing my best to get on
Sometimes it’s hard when people laugh at me
And somedays I can’t even get through
But oh I’ve gotta big dream
I’ve got no one to reply on but me

Chrous (to end)