1. Hold On

From the recording East 12th Street

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I try my best to fight it less
and less but it's not easy,
The more I give the more I get
flung back into my open face,
I'll bite my tongue,I'll sing this song
Continue to just get along,
They look at me,
Whisper words about me
'bout why I just don't give it up

I try to walk and hold my head up high
And forget about life for a while,
I'll push through crowded streets avoid
the eye of people I don't wanna meet,
Am I a fool,a fool to believe,
in monsters and in make believe,
'Cause I can't lie,it's hard to try
Again and again and again and again.

But hold on,move along tonight,
Hold on,keep strong tonight.

I don't quite know,
I've said too much
But somehow never quite enough,
The walls are closing in on me,
They're falling down on me.

Chorus (to end)
So hold on,move along tonight,
So hold on,keep strong tonight